Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This Girl Went To The Market

Who knew that even little towns had farmer's markets? I guess I should have been smart enough to figure out that because I live in little country Denton where there are hundreds of farmers around me that they would sell something nearby. But you know, I'm kind of oblivious. So it was to my great pleasure that I learned Denton has a farmer's market, and right down the street from me! It's only open for a couple months in the summer and just three times a week and really consists of four or five stands but oh my gosh, I feel so cool. I like to pretend I'm this chic New York girl who gets up early in the mourning puts on her shorts and messenger bag and hops on her bike to ride a few blocks down to the famous farmer's market. The rows of stands piled with the freshest and brightest produce, the buzz of fellow foodies catching up and comparing finds; talk of culture, current events, art. The farmers would be old friends where after a glimpse behind crates of food we would greet with a big hug and kiss on the cheek and start the conversation the way any farmer starts a conversation: the weather.

Obviously I don't live in New York (never been actually) and I don't even have a bike (one day!) and did I mention the four or five stands? But it was still a blast, I loved every bit of it. And the cute old farmers totally made the day, well besides the amazing fruit and vegetables. Do you see the peaches up there? I mean they were to die for, so plump and juicy, perfectly ripe and sweet. I also got tomatoes and I'm pretty sure I've never had better. You know the tomatoes you buy at the grocery store? Yeah those really aren't tomatoes, just things that look like tomatoes. These were tomatoes, so red inside with such an intense flavor, still warm from the sun where they were picked just a few miles away. Oh and I got more local honey! And you know how I feel about honey; I really can't go long without having it stocked in the house. *Sigh* it was so wonderful. The weather was perfect making it a another glorious summer day to drink in the sunshine and although I didn't get any hugs and kisses from the cute old farmers I'm pretty sure I made some friends. In fact check out Mr. Blalock's (the one on the lower right hand corner) website here (can you tell I just figured out how to link words? I'm pretty excited). So support your local farmers and find out your nearest farmer's market. Trust me it's completely worth it.

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