Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Topsy Turvy

My world has been feeling a little topsy turvy lately. One because of school and the whirlwind that it always brings and two because I lost my camera. It's so sad! It's why I didn't get a chance to update this past weekend and such a shame too because my wonderful little group had a great labor day/pool party/nacho day all rolled into one and since I made all the food it was a treasure trove of blogging material. But here it proves how awesome my friends are; I told them about my distress of losing it and immediately all of them were on it, ready to search my car, my apartment, and the store (the last time I saw it, I think?) and not only that but half of them were camera ready too. Yvette helped me comb over my car and house (not too mention was the best little sous chef) and Kasey had the hard task of keeping the boys out of the food and getting good lighting to take pictures before it was devoured. So sorry about not updating but there will be pictures soon thanks to Kasey!

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Andrew said...

I would have expected, what with you now having a brand new camera; a more updated blog. Then again to expect so much of someone who, in an entire day, does more at work and with school than i am able to possibly day dream... is to ask far to much. The cake was beautiful, The Sunday of food was wonderful in juxtaposition to the sun and activity. All in all, you and the other females did a fine job...though kasey didnt notice me stealing some of the food while her back was turned...but lets not worry about that.