Thursday, June 5, 2008


Anybody else thinks this is funny? Come on now, come on. Just look at it! Not only did they have to tell the front person what the occasion was but the frontling actually wrote it down, as if it would change how we decorated it. *Sigh* The things I see at work, at least it makes for good entertainment. And I need to remember that as I find myself looking down into yet another hour filled work week. You see right now is our "season". The part of the year that is perfectly timed with must have spring weddings and graduation from not only colleges but all DFW high schools. In other words being chained to the store.

So why do it? I don't know, we ask ourselves that everyday. No actually there are good reasons. Like some of the best people I have ever met. And because I like what I do, it brings a slice of joy in people's lives (pun intended). I have yet to post a cake picture but here's one for just a bride to go along side her wedding cake. A little bit better than a 9" elopement cake.

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yvette said...

That's awesome! I'm putting it in the book :)