Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birthday days

Lately I've been blessed with the best of friends, something I've missed most of my life. Seriously I thank God for giving them to me. So when a birthday comes around I can't think of a better way to show them how much I love them than make a birthday treat. Besides it's another excuse to bake. :) Because I love food so much and even more what makes people happy I tend to pick up and remember what their likes and dislikes are. Austin hates chocolate but oddly enough will devour brownies. I make extra batches of granola just for Nancy and have yet to produce a much begged for cheesecake (to the point of offering money). My mom has a special place in her heart for carrot cake with nuts, coconut, and pineapple but my sister is disgusted by even the thought of any of those in her cake. This mental list of tastes for the special people in my life is always being updated for my amusement but mainly because it's a way of showing that I care what makes them happy.

Back to birthdays... I love them. Growing up birthdays were a big deal and too often they become faded, like a brand new shirt washed too many times. It gets old or people think but I like to believe that every birthday is like you're turning one and to try to treat it that way. Show the ones you love that you're overjoyed they are in your life not by just picking up something at a random store at the last second but to appreciate their uniqueness. I obviously do this by cooking. This is when I pull out my bag of tricks from my mental list. This year I played the apple card and brought out an apple pie to celebrate my friend Bobbie Ann Mann (yay BAM!) Get her and the boys going and they make me laugh till I cry (good to get through the late nights but bad because we stop being productive).

Every time I bake I like to do my research and I wish I could remember where exactly I got the recipe from. I tend to surf and read, even after that I add my own touches but hardly ever write it down. Her birthday was back in the beginning of April so now I really have no idea how I did this but in the future I'll try to better about that for all of those who might actually want to make something I made. But for now I just have a pretty picture.

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Anonymous said...

And I have YET to receive that yummy cheesecake, dear Joola. I do love the granola treats you leave for me. They make my day! I can't wait to read more of your posts...keep 'em coming.